Zarandillo Divina Gaia

Jugend Winner Donaueschingen 2011




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4-9-2011. Results from the show in Gelsenkirchen en the FCI Centenary European Dog Show.

14-8-2011, Results from several shows (Sevenum/Netherlands,Donaueschingen/Germany)

11-7-2011, news and results.

29-6-2011, Alice did it again :) results from the show in Straelen Germany

13-6-2001, news and results of the Whitsun-weekend

29-5-2011, news and results

22-5-2011, news

9-5-2011, news en results of the show weekend in Dortmund-Germany.

2-5-2011, News, Results

Zarandillo Divino Gervaso

17-4-2011 - News, Results.

9-4-2011 - News, Lou-Lou added to Our Dogs

9-3-2011 - Today we needed to say good bye to our sweet Little Isa, she will be missed dearly.

20-2-2011 - A smashing results of our Alice at the Dog of the Year Show :)

14-2-2011 - News and results and pictures of a nice weekend. 

19-2-2011 - New pictures of the youngsters

4-1-2011 - Pictures about the trip to the woods with the pups.

22-12-2010 - The puppies in the snow Current litter week 9


9-12-2010 - Ambiance photos of our little ones in Current litter week 8

1-12-2010  New pictures of our puppies taken by Liesbeth Buisman Current litter week 7

29-11-2010 - News and the results of Winner Amsterdam.

23-11-2010 - New pictures of the puppies. Current litter week 6

17-11-2010 - New picture of the puppies in the 5th week. Current litter

10-11-2010 - Presentation of the puppies. Current Litter 

8-11-2010 - Picture from the puppies in their 4th week Current litter

2-11-2010 - All results now complet.

1-11-2010 - some random pictures of a day. Current litter week 3 

30-10-2010 - Current Litter week 3, Single picture of each of the puppies.

25-10-2010 - Pictures without flash eyes are starting to open. Current Litter Week 2

23-10-2010 - New pictures at Week 2 from our current litter.

16-10-2010 - On 15 Oktober 2 males and 6 females are born.